Car manufacturers pledge to focus manufacturing on medical supplies

Car manufacturers pledge to focus manufacturing on medical supplies

Following the government’s plea for more medical supplies, car firms have pledged to help by developing ventilators and face masks to satisfy demand during the pandemic.

Substantial car manufacturers based in the US, Europe and Asia have stopped production to help contain the outbreak and stop it spreading. However, they will still help with the creation of ventilators and other vital medical equipment.

US President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday: “Ford, General Motors and Tesla are being given the go ahead to make ventilators and other metal products, FAST! Go for it auto execs, let’s see how good you are?”

Earlier this week, Fiat began dedicating one of its Chinese sites to the production of approximately one million masks a month.

In an email, the company’s chief executive Mike Manley said the carmaker is aiming to start manufacturing within the coming weeks.

It is expected that other car firms will soon follow suit as they continue to look at ways to shift manufacturing towards ventilators.

General Motors, Ford and Tesla in the US have all pledged their support to offer resources to make more ventilators, along with Japanese carmaker Nissan and Formula 1 teams in the UK.

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