Qualification criteria

We work with you to identify the correct criteria required for your leads & clients

crm integration

Full integration via Zapier with hundreds of marketing applications and CRM systems

Onboarding clients

Effective strategies to progress clients through your sales funnel with ease

Reporting Systems

Management and activity reports via your own login to our personalised sales pipeline system

Appointment scheduling

Online systems to manage your appointments and sales tours

Privacy & Transparency

Guaranteed privacy and security of your data. Full GDPR compliance with your data.

Effectively Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Our in-house customer service teams are knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate investment sales with decades of combined experience in global markets and sectors. We represent your brand in a positive and professional manner & help you achieve the maximum potential of your client enquiries.

Basic Qualification

Initial Pre-qualification of your clients needs based on your criteria – to effectively place them in your sales pipeline

Advanced Qualification

Assistance with more advanced stages of your sales pipeline including assessment and proposals for business

Full Sales Progression

Assistance with all areas of sales support including management of reservations, inventories and after sales support 

Enquire about our sales support options to tailor a service to meet your requirements!

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